Just as all human spheres are prone to attacks, it is advised to stay safe while trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. Here are a few tips to guide your journey:

  • Always Buy/Sell on trusted exchanges like www.nairaex.com.
  • Avoid big bonus claims from platforms/individuals offering questionable returns.
  • On social media, only listen to verified accounts with sound knowledge of the cryptocurrency subject.
  • Keep your coins secure and wallet passwords private.
  • While logging in on any cryptocurrency web platform, be sure to enter the correct URL. Example Blockchain.com is different from Blokchain.com (See letter ‘C’ was omitted in the second.
  • Avoid unsolicited mails and links sent to you by unverified or unknown parties; they are most likely phishing attempts.
  • Avoid the get rich quick mentality.
  • Never buy Shit coins.
  • Always DYOR. Do Your Own Research.