Your account needs to be verified before you can place a buy order.

How to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with ATM, Debit cards, Visa QR, authorized bank debit.

  1. Login to your NairaEx account and click on New Order
  2. Fill out the Buy form (enter bitcoin or Naira amount), Click next to select Online Payment Gateway as Payment method. 
  3. Complete and Review the order details.
  4. You'll be redirected to the payment gateway, select any of the pay with options; bank, card, Visa QR or GTB 737
  5. Once the payment has been completed, your bitcoin will be sent automatically to your bitcoin address. 


Minimum deposit NGN 10,000 Maximum deposit NGN 100,000 per day.

NairaEx does not accept international credit card.

3rd party fundings are NOT permitted. Funds must be sent from an account where the name matches the verified name within your NairaEx profile.