This policy applies to sell order only.

If transfer to your bank account failed due to bank network or any reason, It can take up to 24 hours or more for your bank to return the payout back to our account and inform us that it has failed. 

In some cases, the bank might process the payment instead of reversing it back. NairaEx will attempt to resend the payout again at the next scheduled payout period once we received it back. 

Please keep in mind that NairaEx is not a bank and any report of failed payout will be forwarded to our bank for investigation. We crave your patience while we wait for the bank to confirm the status of the payout and resolve the issue. If your payout has been confirmed successful by NairaEx and still not received a payout after a suitable amount of time, please contact your bank.

  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not business days and banks might not resolve failed payout issues until 24 hours after next working day. 
  • If the order is completed via the instant system, it will be in process during the whole process.
  • If the order is completed via the manual system, it will be marked completed.

Thank you for choosing NairaEx and we appreciate your continued patronage of our services.