A bitcoin wallet is a way for you to securely receive, store, and send Bitcoin. Your NairaEx account includes a Bitcoin trading wallet for deposit and withdrawal. It's recommended for Bitcoin users to keep their bitcoins in their own Bitcoin wallet, rather than in an exchange trading wallet.

You can download Green Wallet

How to Install and Set Up Green Wallet visit


Generating Bitcoin Address and Receiving Transactions

To receive Bitcoin, all you need to do is provide a receiving address to the sender.


Sending Transactions

To send a transaction, select “Send” from the main screen.

Input your recipient address 

Select the amount and the desired priority

Review all the details and double-check they are correct!

Authorize the transaction with your Two-Factor-Authentication

After you have sent a transaction, you need to wait for the network to confirm it, which can take a bit of time. You can check the status of a transaction by looking into your transaction history on the main screen.


  • Your wallet mnemonic is the single most important piece of information associated with your wallet. If you lose it, your bitcoin will be lost forever. 
  • You must write it down somewhere safe and secret (don't save it online due to hackers) - it’s your ultimate backup
  • It is also crucial to never send your mnemonic over email or text to anyone ( including Blockstream Green support). Doing so can expose your mnemonic to theft, and put your coins at risk. If you ever forget and accidentally do this, we urge you to create a brand new wallet as soon as possible and move your coins to that new wallet.